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Spring composting for this year starts February 1st!!!!!

Compost is the ultimate fertilizer for any yard or garden. It has almost everything a plant needs to survive even the worst droughts. There is a catch. It must be installed while it is cool enough for it not to burn the plant or grass it has been applied to.

  • microbialy aerates the soil
  • provides long-term nutrients to the soil
  • Can be applied 2-3 times per year
  • Works well in conjunction with Aeration
  • Helps condition the soil to hold water during the hot summer months


  • Gardenville
    • Alamo-Gro
      Alamo-Gro is made from recycled wood chips and plant material with Class A biosolids.
      This 100% recycled blend improves soil structure and is ideal for all landscape applications.
    • GV manure Compost
      An all purpose blend of vegetative material and manures. Ideal for conditioning the soil.
      A blend of stable bedding, horse manure, hay, horse feed, vegetable matter and liquids.


  • Aerate during the spring before composting
  • Most companies blow in compost. This gets the dust all over the neighborhood and not on the ground.
  • We rake in our compost on every lawn. This keeps the dust and debris loss at a minimum.
  • Compost turns into a tea like substance when water is applied (mostly from the dust). This soaks into the ground and enriches the soil stimulating new growth. 
  • After composting, grass should be watered every day for 1 week, every other day for 2 weeks after that, and on a regular basis thereafter to prevent burning and maximize the effectiveness of a compost install
  • We use wheelbarrows to place compost into piles before spreading instead of heavy machines reducing damage to the grass and negating the appearance of long-term tracks in the yard.
  • We always clean up as well as humanly possible afterward so the compost will not stain your driveway, sidewalks, or curbs.

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We use the best plants and materials we can find in our area. We do everything right the first time so there is less maintenance and repair in the future. We pride ourselves in quality and customer satisfaction. 

We also provide intensive design services for a separate charge.

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Lawn Maintenance

Types of Maintenance we Perform

  • Mowing - Includes mow, edge, trim, blow, and reasonable trash pickup (we cannot haul off a fridge for free).
  • Shrub trimming and pruning - We carefully trim shrubs and prune dead plant material off anything that needs attention.
  • Fertilization - We use long lasting slow release fertilizers that keep grass healthy year round. The fertilizers we choose are formulated for the soil conditions of each yard.

Quality - The most important part of a maintenance regime.

  • Without great quality and knowledge, your yard cannot be green all year.
  • We pay serious attention to our cutting heights so the grass does not burn during the summer.
  • We cut the grass as often as it needs it so it is not shocked when it is cut.
  • Grass is a very sensitive organism. When cared for improperly, serious problems can occur that are very expensive to fix.

Our maintenance crew is very experienced in this business. Most have been in this industry most of their working lives, and are skilled in their positions. Chris McCaw runs all crews. He is the owner. He oversees that all lawns are manicured to his standards. With 12 years of experience, he has very strict standards. 

Our Area

  • We perform regular maintenance for the Northeast to North central parts of San Antonio including Garden Ridge, Bulverde, Cibolo, Marion, Schertz, Universal City, and Live Oak. We will be expanding north and west eventually. We do not normally travel South of Loop 410, but on occasion we service Alamo Heights and surrounding areas. (we will do any other types of jobs outside our area. Just not regular mowing and maintenance.) If you have any questions about our area, call us.
  • We are located near Thousand Oaks and Nacogdoches Rd. in San Antonio, Texas.

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Fencing (only available November – March)
We build, replace, and patch wooden privacy fences of very high quality.


  • A fence that is up but with posts not topped yet.
    Our fence posts are 6 to 18 inches deeper than most. (24 to 36 inches deep) 
  • 36 inches deep each time is our goal. 
  • There is alot of rock in our area of Texas, so it is not always possible to get down to 36 inches, even with a jackhammer and an auger (We love big power tools).


  • We use 3 crossbeams instead of 2 for better structural stability, and less picket warping. 
  • With 3 crossbeams, there is something to hold the middle of the picket and keep it from moving in or out.
  • Having 3 crossbeams also prevents the top beam from sagging.

Picket Size

  • We use the size picket of your choice.
  • 4 or 6 inch pickets are standard.
  • 6 inch pickets last longer and are stronger.

Typr of Wood

  • A new fence with 6 inch cedar pickets next to an old fence
    with 4 inch stained treated pine.
    We use the type of wood of your choice.
  • Treated pine, red cedar, and white cedar are options for pickets, cross beams, and posts. 
  • Red cedar is the best.
  • Cedar warps less than pine, and lasts long enough compared to treated pine to justify the price.


  • Our gates are very strong. 
  • A full boxed gate with wooden crossbraces and diagonal braces is attached to the fence.
  • We use heavy-duty zinc plated hinges. High quality stainless steel hinges, or heavy-duty black painted hinges.
  • High quality Stainless Steel, or Black painted hardware can be installed.


  • Ladder racks can be handmade or bought to fit the fence.
  • Waterproof stains or paints can be applied after wood completely dries out, so the fence does not prematurely rot.
  • Bricks secured by a concrete bed can be set underneath any fence before or after it is built.  

We are currently looking into installing wrought iron fences, but we do not want to do anything we do not know everything about.

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